Update to what is happening

September 8, 2012

To all the contributors of the book Volcanic Kitchens, come and join us.

 I thought an update of what is happening would be timely. After the turmoil of port strikes, problems with delivery and distribution of our book it is great to see we are now 5 months down the track and all is going well.. The feedback has been great, and people are all commenting on your lovely recipes!


Te Whakapono Health Trust are selling the book around town as a fundraiser for new renal dialysis machines for the Mahoro unit. Anyone wishing to support the Trust and purchase through one of their distributors, these include; NZCU, RAVE, Picnic Cafe, Vetro, Okere Falls Cafe, Waikite Thermal Pools, their books all include a lovely book mark about Maharo. The dialysis machines have a 5 year life span so fundraising for replacement machines is on going. The Trust will have raised in the vicinity of $8,000 through book sales so far. The Trust is also looking at hosting an evening in November with cooking demonstrations – would anyone be interested in participating and cooking their recipe from the book?

 Lakes Rotary have also been selling the books towards funding their Breakfast in Schools programme. They have raised around $1,500.

 The Professional Real estate held an auction for Child Cancer and auctioned off one of the first books for $175.00.

We are really pleased that nearly $10,000.00 has gone into the community so far.

 Once again, we would like to thank you all for your support.

Henri & Gerhard


Daily Post Book Review

July 23, 2012

Thank you Ingrid and the Daily Post for the great book review in Saturdays paper. We would have loved to have been able to get more images of the people that contributed, however just getting the recipes was at times an arduous task. We have now had reviews in 2 major and three local papers! Don't forget if you wish to support the Te Whakapono Health Trust, you need to purchase through one of the outlets that is selling on their behalf.  
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Waikato Times Book Review

July 13, 2012

Sarah Turpitt from the Waikato Times reviewed our book 
this week, you can read it in the tempo lifestyle magazine which
was published on Wednesday 11th July. 
Thank you Sarah for the 
lovely review, you have captured the essence of the book superbly.

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Sales going well

June 26, 2012
It is now two months since the books arrived and we are very pleased with the way sales are going. Many have purchased an initial copy and then come back for more as they wish to give them away as presents and the feedback we are getting has been great.

As we have previously mentioned the Te Whakapono Health Trust are selling them to raise funds for a new dialysis machine (these machine have a 5 year life span), it is great to see that this small group of volunteers have raised in the vicinity...
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The New Zealand Herald

May 20, 2012

The New Zealand Herald has done it again, winning the Canon Newspaper of the Year 2012. Congratulations. It is no wonder they are highly regarded - check out the article in the Weekend supplement by Life Editor, Catherine Smith. "Under the volcano" page D6. Thank you Catherine, for the support you have shown. Being an independently published book, without the resources of a big publishing house behind us, we appreciate the exposure.
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