In our last newsletter we said we wanted all recipes and contributions in by the end of August.  However it has been a busy few months in many ways, Gerhard was commissioned to record a celebration dinner for the Royal Auckland Golf Club and has just completed a photographic book about the event. 

There are many of you out there who have promised that you would contribute but haven’t as yet done so. We have now extended our deadline to early November. Having said that, please don’t put it off and get writing, we are relying on both promised and new contributions.                                                               

It is great to read why the recipe is a favourite or where it came from. Feel free to add something brief about living or growing up in our great city. Remember there is no copyright on a recipe but it is nice if you can acknowledge where it originally came from.

Spent an evening last month with June Grant and her mokopuna, thank you June for your valuable time, and we look forward to receiving your recipe. Thanks must also go out to our Fijian community. Gerhard went along on the morning of the Fijian/Namibia game and got photos of a Lovo (similar to a hangi) been put down. 

Tim Beveridge has sent in his recipe, Gerhard cooked it and it tasted fantastic.

The book is coming along well and Shona Jennings has been a great help in her role of Consultant/Sub Editor, we value her support and advice.

Don’t forget that the idea for the book is to promote Rotorua in a positive way and most importantly to raise funds for organisations within our community, if you are involved in or know of a group that are trying to raise funds please get in contact with us.

Deadline for recipes is now early November, so please get cracking!

Copyright Gerhard Egger. No usage permitted without written consent.