We are thrilled to announce that we were notified today that our cookbook, Volcanic Kitchens, come and join us, is the New Zealand winner in this years Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards for the category "Best Photography Cookbook".

Being the New Zealand winner qualifies us for the next 'Gourmand Best in the World" competition to be held in Paris in February 2013. 

These awards attract entries from all the big publishing houses and celebrity chefs, food stylists and book designers. Having produced the book entirely in-house including; book design, food styling and photography, makes winning this award all the more special.

Each year Gourmand International hosts the Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards inviting entries, under a selection of different catergories, from over 160 different countries from around the world. This makes these awards one of the biggest, if not the biggest, internationally recognised competition of its kind.